William H. Koopman

To be a member of this group your company must hold a membership in one of NGMC’s other industry trade credit groups. The members of the Koopman group meet monthly in the local Chicago area. The format of the meeting is strictly an accounts and methods discussion. The cost is a nominal annual fee and a small luncheon charge. This is a great fill-in meeting in between the general membership meetings.


Group Features

Professional Credit Information Exchange

This group is an excellent supplement to your regular group membership. With difficulties in the economy the group provides a great source for timely and in-depth discussions about customer issues.


With Credit managers of similar interest and responsibilities which is so important in establishing cooperation and confidence for mutual benefit.

Membership Meetings

Regular meetings will generally be held on the first Thursday of each month when there is no general membership meeting of one of NGMC’s primary groups. Notice of regular meetings will be emailed to each member. Special meetings may be called by the Group Chairman on one week’s notice to each member. An NGMC staff member is always present to insure compliance with the Industry Group Understandings.

Manual of Procedures

Including By-Laws and Membership Directory identifying group members by numbers.

Group Requirements

All of our groups are unique in operation and focus. Please fill out the form below for specific requirments.
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