National Manufacturers Deduction & Resolution Group

In the Consumer Package Goods Industry, deductions are a large and heavy drain on resources as well as lost income. The Deduction Group consists of over 75 leading manufacturers in the industry and provides its members with a great forum to share best practices and success stories. The Annual Industry Benchmarking Survey is one of the most comprehensive in the industry capturing over 35 key metrics. The 3 meetings a year always has a customer which provides some great collaboration at helping to get at the "core" of deduction causes.


Group Features

Annual Industry Benchmarking Survey

How do you stack up among your peers? With over 35 key performance metrics this survey has proven to be a valuable tool to members by providing guidance on making strategic decisions regarding management of the deductions of your portfolio. Some of the key measurements are:
  • Percentage of Deductions Created ($) created to Annual Gross Sales
  • Average Dollar Amount Per Deduction
  • Deduction Days Outstanding
  • Percentage of Open Deductions ($) to Average Monthly Accounts Receivable
  • Percentage of Deductions Repaid in Dollars
  • Automatic Write Off Level
  • Sunset (Force Close) Age in Days
  • Deductions Incurred By types

Systems Survey

What systems other manufacturers use for General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Credit Analysis/Scoring, Deductions Management, Deductions Imaging, Trade Funds, Order Management. The survey results are shared with all manufacturers that participate in the survey. An excellent reference guide!

Daily Deduction Monitor

Similar to a flash report - members sharing immediate information on their customers. A great vehicle to search for information from other members in between meetings.

Periodic Updates

Members share pertinent information received from customers regarding changes in deduction processes, flow of information, new requirements for manufacturers etc. Helps to keep you informed.

Three (3) Membership Meetings A Year:

• Account Discussions - members submit accounts to discuss. Get contact names/numbers. Share experiences. Share success stories! 

• Parking Lot Discussions - ad hoc discussions/feedback on your specific issues/topics that are not on the published agenda. 

• Customer Presentations - WalMart, Target, Kmart, SuperValu, Walgreen’s, Ahold, Rite Aid, C & S Wholesale, Albertson’s, H.E. Butt, CVS Drug Stores, Costco........ 

• 3rd Party Presentations - outsourcing IAB Solutions LLC, NCH, and coupons, post audits, UCC, Transora, Damage Track/Universal Solutions, Gelco-TIPS, various Deduction Management Systems, Billing Zone, Vista, Bank of America, several Attorney presentations regarding deductions timeline for audits/bankruptcy issues and deductions and Sarbanes-Oxley, PRG-Schultz, A.C. Nielson. 

• Member Presentations & Panel Discussions - Organizational Structure, Imaging, EFT, KPI & Management Reporting, EDI, Systems, Unsalable, Vendor Supply Agreements, Perfect Orders/Accurate Invoicing, Deduction Flow & Processing........... 

• Working Groups/Roundtable Discussions - on deduction types (returns, damages, post audits, promotional processes, shortage/damage on delivery claims). Discussions on causes/prevention. 

Networking - at the meeting during breaks/at the reception/at dinner with other manufacturers. Membership roster with names/phone numbers/email addresses.

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