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At National Collection Services, NGMC’s Commercial Collection Service, we apply a customized solution to meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

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Why Use National Collection Services

10 Day Free Demand

We offer a 10 day free demand on all accounts placed with our agency.

Comprehensive Lawyer Referral Service

We select only bonded law firms who specialize in the collection of commericial accounts and who have a proven track record of success with our agency. No legal costs or expenses are ever incurred without your expressed written authorization.

Skip Tracing & Investigation Tools

We utilize state of the art skip tracing and investigation tools to assist in the recovery of accounts.

We Work On A Contingent Fee Arrangement

There is no charge to you unless a collection is made and then at low competitive rates. There are never any hidden fees or out of pocket expenses.

The Team

Our principals have over 75 years of combined experience in the credit and collection profession. Our staff of seasoned professionals are available to discuss any problems or concerns you may have relative to our area of expertise.

Our Experience

We have a wealth of experience in servicing clients in many varied industries. References provided upon request.

Our Process

Once an account is entered into our system we will proceed with a background investigation of the company and its principals, perform skip tracing if needed and make written demand to the debtor. Written demands are followed by telephone demands.
If the debtor remains unresponsive or uncooperative within a 30-45 day span, we will proceed with placing the account with an attorney located in the area of the debtor. The attorney selected will be a specialist in the commercial collection business be bonded and have a proven track record of success with our agency.
Our work does not end when the account is placed with legal counsel. We will continue to monitor the account and make sure all legal remedies available are used to reach a successful conclusion. All correspondence received from counsel will be forwarded to our clients.
While we handle claims of any amount, our specialty is large claims. Our principals Joe Ciccarelli or Bob Lewis handle all large claims personally, bringing their combined 75 plus years experience in the industry to the process.
All of our collectors understand fully that it is a requirement that we treat all debtors in a courteous and highly professional manner. Not only does this policy provide better collection returns but it also preserves the client’s relationship with the debtor for potential future business. We will not condone harassment of any kind in all of our communications with debtors.



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